Deliver exceptional
customer service

We know that patients have many choices for their emergency healthcare. We partner with you to help deliver an exceptional patient experience that creates satisfied and loyal repeat customers.

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It starts with a
simple swipe

Front desk registration is as easy as swiping a drivers license or other ID. This will launch the registration of a new patient by filling in basic demographic details, or identify a returning patient and defaulting data from a previous visit. No forms, no clipboard, just a stress-free first experience.

  • One swipe
  • Insurance
  • POS co-pay collection
  • Bill estimate
  • Coding
  • Paperless discharge
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A fully automated process

Once your patient’s clinical care experience is underway, we automatically run insurance eligibility and benefits verification in order to ensure that you will collect the right copay for their visit. Next, we deploy advanced identity and fraud detection software to verify your new patient’s identity and address so that your billing team has the most accurate and current data for billing and collections.

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The power of the

Our scalable cloud-based PerformPlatform integrates the data you need from registration and payment solutions, to coding, chart management and business intelligence applications that help you reduce administrative burdens and maximize your revenue.

For Free-Standing Emergency Rooms: