Visibility + Automation + Analytics
= Top Performance for the Free-Standing ER


Our PerformMD solution platform optimizes professional coding and clinical documentation with a powerful proprietary computer-assisted coding tool utilizing predictive analytics and natural language processing (NLP).

  • AI (NLP) Automation
    • Improved code accuracy
    • Improved charge velocity
  • Triple Check Code Quality Validation
    • Statistical- ACEP guideline-manual QA
    • Automated and manual QA functions assisted machine learning
  • Integrated Rules and Compliance Tools
    • Integrated payer rules engine
    • Built-in code integrity rules

Electronic data extraction and transfer from the EMR, automated “Triple Check” quality validation, and multiple automated and manual auditing feedback loops offer industry best chart management:

  • Highest quality compliant coding
  • Real-time electronic chart deficiency feedback and secure individualized messaging to providers optimize documentation
  • Maximum chart capture and charge velocity through automation and “machine verified” data capture
  • Targeted web-based educational referrals to providers and annual audits to encourage “best-practice” documentation

This gives your Emergency Department a higher first-pass claim resolution rate, lower denials and Days in AR, and faster reimbursement with decreased provider and administrative burden. And more time to dedicate to the real business of providing top quality care to your patients.


PerformCycle gives you management dashboards with real-time and trendline data, and the ability to filter reports, giving you easy one-click access to the information you need. We give you visibility into your entire revenue cycle continuum and core business metrics and illuminate inefficiencies and revenue leaks.

Practice Dashboard

  • Actionable summary across
    one or more sites
  • Single-click drill down to
    relevant decision data
  • Track individual provider
    revenue performance
  • Trend sites and individual
    performance metrics
  • Drill Down to Details

Documentation Dashboard

  • Identify documentation performance issues
  • Prioritize process improvement efforts:
    • Incomplete charts
    • Down coded charts
    • Returned charts
    • Turnaround time performance
  • Drill down to details with just one click

Physician Dashboard

  • Measure physician performance
    • Low RVU performance
    • Lost Revenue performance
    • Chart completion velocity
  • Compare individual provider performance to peers
  • Drill down to details with one click

Coding Dashboard

  • Measure chart velocity
  • Visibility into coders performance
  • Documentation improvement opportunities
  • Drill down to details with one click

Billing Dashboard

  • Dynamic AR velocity
  • Indentify AR trends by payer
  • Patient payables with visit level details
  • Drill down details with just one click

Reports Detailing Billing,
Practice and Coding Metrics

  • Dynamic reports with flexible filters
  • Access controlled through
    role-based security
  • Drill down to details with one click