The mission and people
of Presidiohealth

Presidiohealth was borne from a clear and compelling need: to bring a seamless, transparent and efficient electronic solution to one Emergency Medicine Department that was buried in paper. Everyone was doing it “the same old way” because there was no other way.

The vision was intellectually energizing: disrupt the status quo by leveraging the latest technology to automate a complex process and propel the business into the digital age. The vision was also meaningful to the founder, a practicing Emergency Medicine physician, who saw a clear mandate to relieve physicians of administrative work and let them practice more efficiently, to ensure highest quality coding and a faster, reliable reimbursement cycle. Better. Faster. Easier.

Words We Live By:

  • Be Curious. There are many ways to solve a problem, look for the best way.
  • Be Indispensable to Our Clients. Take the time to understand what a client needs, create the optimum solution that drives success.
  • Be Accountable to Our Customers and the Presidio Team. Anticipate needs and obstacles, then deliver more than promised. On time.
  • Be Passionate about Disrupting the Healthcare Status Quo. Innovate and assume there’s a different, better way. The same old thing, the same old way doesn’t fly here.
  • Have Fun. Enjoy creating and delivering success.